Last week, Tuesday, 27th February 2007 – STRPI sent a group of 25 girls to partake in the National Day Choir Competition hosted by Sekolah Menengah Saidina Hussein, Jerudong.

 Last year was a bitter memory for the STPRI Choir which did not make it to the top 10 and into the Finals. But some of the girls from last year are back this year and are more determined to make it to the Finals and bring back the glory days to STPRI.

This year the Choir is very fortunate to acquire the services of Awang from Crescendo. He and his team have been working hard and preparing the girls for the prelims. He also did the vocal arrangement for the song that the girls sang ‘Tekad Pewaris’. The girls sang the song ‘acapella’ style.

The format for this years competition is much better than last year and congrats to the organising committee for making the necessary changes.

We did not know whether STPRI would take part in the Finals until the next day, 28th February when our Principal herself announced it during the National Day celebration in school.

The girls performed their songs during the National Day celebration after finding out they have entered the Finals.

This Thursday will be the rehersals at Dewan DiGadong, KKBS and the Finals will take place on Saturday, 10th March and the same venue.

For pictures during the Preliminary round you may make your way [here].