Yesterday, Sunday, 11th March – The STPRI Knights won the annual bowling meet organised by Sekolah Menengah Muda Hashim, Tutong for the third time since it was first introduced in 2002.

 The STPRI Knights have won the trophy in 2004, 2005 and again this year, 2007.

The Team was headed by Hj Jaini (Malay Dept)

Male Bowlers – Adi Mulyamin (Maths Dept)


Mas Mohammad Zul-Fadly (English Dept)

Female Bowlers – Hjh Juraidah (Malay Dept)


Hjh Zaiton (Geography Dept)

Adi Mulyamin, a Math teacher here at STPRI won the Top Male individuals category and Hjh Juraidah, a Bahasa Melayu teacher, won the Top Female individuals category.

 Will post the results once it has been faxed by the organising school.

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